Ines Lechleitner
Dauer 11 November - 4 December 2016
Opening 11 November 2016 at 18h
Guided tour and Performance Walk with the artist and the perfumer Andreas Wilhelm 11 November at 15h (limited places)
Solo exhibition by Ines Lechleitner at Villa Renata Curated by Emilie Bruner

Ines Lechleitner’s multidisciplinary research using video, sound and drawings on the river Rhine in Basel leads to the creation of her second river perfume. In the scent - developed in collaboration with the perfumer Andreas Wilhelm - she mirrors a double nature of the river- its fast flowing glittering surface next to its slower dark currents from the riverbed. When the analogy is made between the river and the perfume ones body becomes the shore.

The creation of the scent begins with the bottle of thought drawing. A collection of words and phrases inspired by the river, aims to capture the energy of the Rhine, the rushing water, the sound, the brawl, the danger and intoxication, the ever changing colours of the surface, the structure of its making, the collision and the violence of its current.

Ines Lechleitner methodical and graphical mapping process stems from her fascination with cave drawings and in this instance the underwater scenes. The Mink whale skeleton floating above the river in the Natural History Museum in Basel inspires the fictional tale of a whale as a vessel and filter through the Rhinte’s river bed. A film camera captures the movement and nature of the river while following a monofin diver performing the whale's journey between the Schwarzwaldbrücke and the Dreirosenbrücke.

The images and sounds of the water's surface- the speed, the reflexions of light, the ripple as a surface dance, the exchange of water and air in the whale's blow and the buoyancy of the river- are at the heart of the musical noise improvisation by Ines Lechleitner and the voice artist Alessandra Eramo.

Examining the river bed the coloured papîer-mâché cast elements can be seen as surface objects made from the elements filtered through the whale on his underwater journey. Their making relates to the strong stomach response to the perfume, the sensation of the river on ones skin and reflects the dark side of the river.

The exhibition "Das Rhein Rauschen" displays the scoop of Ines Lechleitner´s multidisciplinary practice in drawing, video, sound, smell, objects, photographs and a performance piece.

The Perfume and the Performance walk are a collaboration between Ines Lechleitner and the Zürich based perfumer Andreas Wilhelm.

As places are limited for the guided tour and performance walk with Ines Lechleitner and Andreas Wilhelm on November 11 at 15h, please reserve via email to the following address: ines.lechleitner@gmail.com. Thank you!